How to Create a Professional Intro for your Brand or Youtube Channel FREE in Keynote (Easy Tutorial!)

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create your own custom video intro for your brand or youtube channel for free using keynote

Do you know what the largest search engine in the world is?

You might be thinking.. that’s an easy one! It’s Google, duh. And you’d be absolutely correct.

But do you know what the second largest search engine in the world is?

You might guess Bing. Yahoo, maybe? And this time, you’d be absolutely wrong.

In fact: the second largest search engine in the world has more unique monthly visitors than Yahoo, Bing, Aol, and combined!

Hint: it’s owned by Google.

You’ve probably got it now..

That’s right, it’s Youtube!


Yes, Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world, and that reveals something pretty important when it comes to establishing and growing an online business: video is the present and the future of online marketing. Even Mark Zuckerberg has embraced video as the way of the future – and since he owns two of the largest and most successful social media platforms in the world- we’d be wise to listen, right?

Basically- whether you’re a small blogger or a product-based business- if video isn’t a part of your content marketing strategy, then you’re missing out!

And listen – if the previous statement doesn’t sit so well with you- you’re not alone.

I’ve been working on this blog (aka my own online business) for awhile now, and when I first heard well-known entrepreneurs and marketers – whose advice I respect- talk about the importance of video content, my heart sunk.

I’ll be honest. I hate to be on camera. I don’t even like to be in front of a camera for a photograph, much less leave it rolling for an indefinite amount of time while I awkwardly stumble through some sort of verbal presentation. Oy, it’s a process- to be sure.

But as Ruth Soukup would say, “Do It Scared!”

So even though it still makes me cringe, I started a Youtube Channel.


When I first joined Youtube, I was treating it as something entirely separate from this blog. In fact, I put the blog on hiatus and came up with a totally different brand for my channel, determined to just do Youtube and see if I could make myself successful over there. I even convinced myself Youtube was so much easier than blogging.

*eye roll at myself SO HARD*

Then two months after beginning Youtube, a lightbulb went off in my head, and I realized my blog and my Youtube channel are not mutually exclusive.

This is also around the time I decided to rebrand my blog. The content I was creating for Youtube was along the same niche as my nearly-forgotten blog, but I was beginning to scramble for ideas and lose momentum.

Suddenly I longed to go back to writing. I knew I’d been wrong. At first I told myself- blogging is actually easier than Youtube. What were you thinking? I guess I was trying to make myself feel better about my failures, but I know the truth– they’re both hard!

The silver lining in all of it is that when I realized I needed to combine my blog and my Youtube channel, I had some great video content that could easily be translated into blog posts. 

So whether you’re just starting your Youtube Channel or you’ve been at it for awhile, today I’m bringing you a tutorial that I first posted on my Youtube Channel:  How to Create an Easy Youtube Channel Intro for FREE Using Keynote. It also happens to be my most popular video to date.

How to Create an Easy & Professional Youtube Channel Video Intro in Keynote

As passionate as I am about designing & branding on this blog, it was just as important to me to have a professional looking and well-branded Youtube Channel from day one. Enter the all-important Youtube channel intro.

When we solo-preneurs first start our blogs, businesses, or Youtube channels, there’s usually a TON of boot strapping involved.. aka we have zero design budget and have to use our existing resources to somehow market ourselves.

And that’s where this video intro tutorial comes in!

Are you ready to up your brand identity, give yourself more authority, and create a professional-level intro for your video content?

Luckily you don’t need fancy software to create a good channel intro. If you’re a Mac user (like me), you can D-I-Y one using Keynote! If you’re on a PC user (no hate), try Powerpoint.

And for a FREE alternative (because who are we kidding?? we’re broke! or need to invest our limited funds elsewhere): use Google Slides, available with your Gmail/Google Drive account.

Here’s what we’ll be creating:

 Let me show you how I did it!

If you prefer, you can watch the video tutorial- which has some bonus tips!-or you can keep scrolling for the step-by-step tutorial.

Step 1 – Open Keynote and Choose a New Document. Select Your Background

To get started, first open Keynote on your Apple device. Keynote is available for free with iMac, Macbook, or iPhone.

On Macbook this will bring up a Finder Window. Choose New Document on the bottom left.

Make a Free Youtube Video Intro in Keynote - Step 1a - Open A New Document in Keynote

Next, Choose Your Slide Background. I’m choosing the plain white style, but you can use any of them.

Make a Free Youtube Video Intro in Keynote - Step 1b - Choose Your Background

Step 2 – Insert Your Logo File or – Type Your Channel Name and Style the Text

Once your new document is open, you can either type out your Youtube brand/channel name or you can insert your logo if you have one.

Remember to include any taglines, and take some time to format the font, size, colors, etc. to make it pop! If you opted to insert your logo file, you can also format images with some cool effects (see Step 6).

Make a Free Youtube Video Intro in Keynote - Step 2 - Type out your brand name or insert your logo and style the text

Step 3 – Animate Your Logo or Channel Name with “Build In” Effects

Now comes the fun part! We’re going to add animation. Click on Animate in the top right-hand corner of the Keynote toolbar, nestled between Format and Document.

Make a Free Youtube Video Intro in Keynote - Step 3a - Animate Your text with build in effect

Under Animate, there are three different ways we can animate our text or logo: Build In, Action, and Build Out.

  • Build In will “introduce” your text or logo. It will play an animation, and the object will remain on the screen.
  • Action will play after the Build In, and your object can do a secondary animation.
  • Build Out will animate your object, and then it will remove your object from the screen. Poof, be gone!

We’ll stick with Build In for now and get to Build Out in the Step 5.

Build In

First I selected MakerLex and chose Pop from the Build In menu. I adjusted the Duration to .75 seconds.

Make a Free Youtube Video Intro in Keynote - Step 3b - Animate Your text with build in effects

Second, I selected my Tagline and Chose Cube from the Build In menu. I want this to play simultaneously- and for the same amount of time-as the “MakerLex” animation, so I adjusted the time to .75 seconds again.

Make a Free Youtube Video Intro in Keynote - Step 3c - Animate Your tagline with a build-in effect

Step 4 – Change your Build Order

Build Order is where the magic happens. This is how we make our animations play when-and-how we want them to!

Click on Build Order at the bottom of the Animate Menu.

Right now I have two “objects” on my slide. One is my big “MakerLex” text, and the other is my tagline. In the Build Order pop-up menu, you can see that each of these objects is listed. “MakerLex” is #1, and my Tagline is #2. You can see this in Exhibit A.

Make a Free Youtube Video Intro in Keynote - Step 4a - Change the Build Order of Animations
Exhibit A

Right now if I press Preview the animations play one by one, MakerLex first, and then my tagline- but I want them to play at the same time. So I’m going to leave #1 as Start –> On Click.

For #2 (my tagline) I will change to Start –> With Build 1.

Make a Free Youtube Video Intro in Keynote - Step 4a - Make the tagline play with Build 1

Now #1 and #2 will play at the same time.

Step 5 – Add “Build Out” Effects

Now that we have our Logo and tagline animated with Build In, it’s time to move them off the screen and make way for our social media icons to appear.

I selected “MakerLex” again and chose a Blur effect- this time from the Build Out Menu. I chose the same Build Out effect for my tagline and made the duration the same for each: .75 seconds.

Make a Free Youtube Video Intro in Keynote - Step 5a - Add Build Out and change the Build Order

Now I need to change the Build Order for my Build Out Effects.

In the Build Order Pop-up Menu, select the third list item and set it to Start –> After Build 2.

Make a Free Youtube Video Intro in Keynote - Step 5b - Make item 3 start after Build 2

Then select the fourth list item and set it to Start –> With Build 3.

Make a Free Youtube Video Intro in Keynote - Step 5c - Make item 4 start with Build 3

Step 6 – Copy & Paste Social Media Icons from the Internet and add Your Social Media Handle

Make a Free Youtube Video Intro in Keynote - Step 6a - Find social media icons on google images

Ah, we’re moving right along! Now let’s add some social media icons. I went to Google and searched for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook icons that I liked. I right-clicked on the images in Google, chose “Copy Image” and then Pasted them into Keynote, like so..

Make a Free Youtube Video Intro in Keynote - Step 6b - Find social media icons on google images and paste them into Keynote, drag the corner of the box to resize the icons

Yes, I pasted it right over my name on the current slide. I realize it looks a little messy (see Exhibit C) and could get confusing, so if it’s easier for you, paste the icons on a new slide. Part of the reason I did this was to make sure things were lining up exactly where I wanted them to appear.

Repeat this process until you have all the icons you want. You can click the individual icon and drag the corner of the box down to resize it. After I did that, I also added a text box with my Instagram handle right over-top my tagline.

Here’s what mine looked like after I added a Mirror Effect (find it in the Format Menu) to the icons:

Make a Free Youtube Video Intro in Keynote - Step 6c - Add a mirror effect to your images
Exhibit C

Step 7 – Animate the Social Media Icons

Now select your icons and add another Build In Animation effect. You can click and hold Shift on your keyboard to select them all at once. I chose Dissolve for my social media icons and Typewriter for my Instagram handle. I made the duration .75 seconds for all.

Make a Free Youtube Video Intro in Keynote - Step 7 - Add a Build in Animation to Your Social Media Icons and handle

Step 8 – Change your Build Order for Social Media

And finally, let’s pull up the Build Order Menu one last time. You can see that each of my icons and my handle has been added to the Build Order List.

For Item 5, set it to Start –> After Build 4.

Make a Free Youtube Video Intro in Keynote - Step 8 - Change build order of Social Icons

Now set items 6,7, and 8 to Start –> With Build 5.

Make a Free Youtube Video Intro in Keynote - Step 8b - Change build order of Social Icons

Step 9 – Export as a Movie File

All that’s left to do is Preview your animation and figure out if you’re happy or if you want to keep playing around with it.

Take some time to explore the many animation effects and format effects available in Keynote. There’s a lot of power here, and you can create something longer or more complex than what I’ve demonstrated.

The sky’s the limit (or maybe your hard drive is the limit..)!

Once you’re done fooling around and happy with your final product, then head to File –> Export To –> Movie.

Make a Free Youtube Video Intro in Keynote - Step 9a - Export your slideshow as a movie

Make sure Playback is set to Self-Playing, and choose ALL Slides, or enter the values for the slides you want to include in the video. I only had one, but you might have two+ if you put your social media icons in another slide.

Choose Resolution 1080p.

Make a Free Youtube Video Intro in Keynote - Step 9b - Export all slides in your slideshow as a 1080p movie


All you need to do now is save this video somewhere you can easily navigate back to it. When you’re ready to use it, upload it into iMovie or your favorite video editor.

If you enjoyed this tutorial, let me know by subscribing to my Youtube Channel or pinning the image below to share with your friends!

create your own custom video intro for your brand or youtube channel for free using keynote

Comment your video link below if you used this tutorial to create an awesome branded intro. It’s always nice to see what other people’s creative mind comes up with.

Happy Making!

How to Rebrand Your Blog

How to Rebrand Your Blog

Not very long ago, Maker Lex wasn’t Maker Lex at all. The story of this blog goes like this: In the beginning was Wondernote, and the Wondernote was. Until it got rebranded.

Of course, that’s the abridged version of the story, but the full version is begging to be told. So for those of you rolling your eyes or shaking your stick at me, yelling “just tell me how to rebrand my blog already, lady!” you can Click Here to Skip Ahead.

Otherwise, pull up a chair and let me give you the run-down of why I chose to rebrand my blog.

Why rebrand your blog?

Ten years ago I started my first blog on Blogger. No custom domain name or anything. In fact, I can’t even remember the name, because I can’t remember which of my blogs came first. That is to say: I’ve had A LOT of blogs over the years, but none of them stuck.

In 2012 I was in graphic design school, and that’s when the name Wondernote first came to me. In those days- full of hope & ambition to start my own freelancing business or successful stationery company- I was constantly brainstorming brand names. The blog I’d been writing at the time was called Wit & Wonder, but I needed a version of it that could be used to sell printable greeting cards on Etsy. Wondernote fit the bill perfectly.

Flash forward to graduation. Freelancing didn’t really pan out, and neither did any of my blogs or business ideas. All of it took the backseat when I joined the 9-to-5 workforce, and my blogs and Etsy shops and hopes and dreams lay dormant for many years.

But the creative part of me that wants to blog is always beckoning, and it reawakened in 2017 when it heard I could spend a cool one thousand doll-hairs on Elite Blog Academy and become the multi-million dollar blogger I was born to be. That was two years ago and I still work a 9-to-5, if you were wondering how that ‘s going… but stick with me, because I promise this story is about to come full-circle.

I set myself up on and chose Wondernote because I still loved the name, although I had to settle for wondernote-dot-org as my domain name. As luck would have it – the DOT COM wasn’t available. And then I began the grueling task of trying to make it past Unit 1 of EBA. Why is it grueling, you ask? Because I can never (and herein lies my biggest barrier in blogging) choose a damn niche.

A quick study in my many blog niches:

  • Plum Elephant – personal blog
  • Wonderknit – knitting blog
  • Wit & Wonder – lifestyle blog
  • Twinclectic – failed joint-lifestyle blog
  • Honeysuckle Way – home decorating blog
  • Fitness Wit – a fitness blog combined with my passion for writing 

And that’s just a sampling. There are others I wouldn’t dare reveal to the internet (the irony). But you see the pattern, right? I’m indecisive AF when it comes to picking my blogging niche. Is blog without a niche, a niche? Asking for a friend.

How to Decide Your Blog Niche

To solve this problem, I’ve had to get really honest with myself about what my truest, most raw, unapologetic passions are. And the one theme that kept emerging was design. As a little girl, the first job I wanted to have when I grew up was fashion designer. I had (and still have) a portfolio full of little fashions I’d cut out of construction paper, and the process brought me so much joy. As an adult, I’m into many different types of design: graphic design, web design, knit design, and even home design. 

Although they’re all design related, these topics don’t fit together into one nice, neat niche. At least not in the sense that EBA has taught me my blog content should. Discouraged, I moved on to other projects – like getting out of my comfort zone by starting a Youtube Channel called Lexie From Scratch, which was about starting and growing a Youtube Channel… from scratch. I did that for about a month, and then I had a breakthrough.

A Google Analytics report showed up in my inbox one day in October 2019. I was surprised to discover that Wondernote- which I’d put about a solid month of effort into before not logging in or posting for 6 whole months– had gotten nearly 200 views in September. I was intrigued.

I logged into my Google Analytics and found out the blog had gotten 200 views also in August, and slightly less in the previous months. And 80% of the traffic came from organic search. It isn’t a lot compared to bigger, more successful bloggers, but it was the confidence boost I needed to start blogging again! 

But I still had just one problem..

The reason I’d given up on Wondernote was because I was totally uninspired by my niche, or lack thereof. It had turned into a graphic design-ish blog, but most of the articles I’d written were based on what successful (ie: money-making) bloggers said to do, and not on what I truly wanted to do.

But after some reflection- and also the culmination of years spent reading self-help books- I decided that whatever the heck I was gonna do- I needed to ENJOY it. I needed to feel authentic. I wanted to feel in-alignment. I wanted to quit focusing on the end goal and focus more on the enjoyment of that thing itself.

The name Maker Lex came to me almost immediately, and I decided I would rebrand to my weird pseudo-niche, which I dubbed “making” and start making/writing/blogging about the things I WANT, whether they fit perfectly together or not.

That includes graphic design, web design, branding, sometimes marketing, crafting, knitting, and DIY-ing. I believe that if I’m truly in alignment and enjoying what I do- eventually the money will follow. Otherwise, I’m going to forget about it and AT LEAST enjoy what I’m doing.

And finally, that brings me to the main point of this blog post, which is…

How to Rebrand Your Blog

*please note that this article is intended for users only

Rebranding isn’t as scary as you might think. But when I realized it had to be done, I had some questions.

  • Is this something I can I do myself?
  • How long will it take?
  • What about my SEO?
  • Google Analytics?

To answer my own questions (and hopefully yours, too): 

  • Yes, you can do most of it yourself, but for one of the final steps I had to get my web host- Siteground- involved. I chatted with customer service online and they were able to complete my request within minutes. DIY-ing this wasn’t without it’s frustrations, though. Read through everything before you start, including this article. If you don’t think you’re up to it, then you’ll probably want to pay someone to do it and save yourself the headache.
  • It took me about 3 hours in total. I started in the morning but had to go to work, so I finished up when I got home. I hit a few snags along the way, but nothing set me back more than 10-30 minutes before I figured it out. A big chunk of this time was spent optimizing and updating my blog with my new logo, etc.
  • A 301 redirect + letting Google know about the change will minimize any negative impact on SEO. The change is going to affect your SEO temporarily. However, with very little traffic and only about 20 posts total, I didn’t have a lot to lose in this sense.

Before You Start

  • Make sure your new domain name is all set up with your web host before you begin. For me, this meant purchasing the domain name and adding it to my hosting plan.
  • Don’t forget about social media! You’ll likely want to change your handles to match your new site name.
  • Be ready to update your blog header, as well as all logos, profile pictures, etc. across all platforms as part of rebranding. Take inventory before you begin so you can make a plan to execute once the new site is ready.

Four Simple Steps to Rebrand/Change Your Blog Name

Now that you’re ready to begin your blog rebrand, here are the four things you need to do: 

1. Move *Current/Old Domain* to *New Domain*

To move my site, I followed the directions from How to Easily Move WordPress to a New Domain (without Losing SEO) by WPBeginner exactly. My best advice for following this tutorial is to read the article all the way through before you begin, and be prepared to trouble-shoot.

WPBeginner was a lifesaver when it came to DIY-ing my blog rebrand. I downloaded Filezilla for the FTP portion. Prior to this, I had no experience with FTP, but I learned as I went along. Even when I had an issue, I was able to solve it by reading the comments section, or by taking educated guesses based off other articles from WPBeginner.

2. Set up a Permanent 301 Redirect

When I got to Step 4 of the article- the 301 Redirect — and needed to modify my .htaccess file, I got a little confused. That’s when I contacted Siteground (my web host), and the customer service rep was able to finish the task for me within minutes.

I kinda wondered at this point if I could’ve just asked for their help from the beginning… Oh well! 

3. Let Google Know for the sake of your SEO

Once my site was up and running on the new domain, I was so relieved that I nearly forgot to do this step. In fact, I didn’t complete it until a week later!

WP Beginner’s Article also covers the importance of notifying Google and how to do it, but it’s a little bit outdated.  Luckily Google Search Console has great documentation you can follow. I followed the documentation specifically for Siteground and was able to DIY this in about ten minutes.

**Make sure you don’t forget this step since this is the way to guarantee there are little-to-no lasting effects on your SEO.

4. Re-optimize Your Site

It’s true that the majority of my time spent rebranding was on re-optimizing my site. Since I didn’t have a ton of posts to update, this only took a couple of hours. However, I realize that many of you might be coming from a place where you’ve been blogging for years. You could have a hundred or more posts to update, and that could feel overwhelming. But here’s my best advice: focus on your most popular posts first.

Take a deep breath and then take it one post at a time. Update the posts that bring the most traffic to your blog first. The rest will come in time, if you so choose.

Some of you may be launching a whole new site design with your move, but if you aren’t — just remember to update your logo on every page, etc. Invite a friend or follower to review your site and let you know of any broken links, or anything else you may have missed.

How to Rebrand Your WordPress Blog Pinterest

…And that’s a wrap! 

Considering I’m not a pro, I’m proud of myself for accomplishing this.. I know you can do it, too! And just remember if you get confused that there are professionals who can handle this for you. And never hesitate to reach out to your web host– they will be your greatest ally and source of help/information if you hit a snag.

Congratulations on your rebrand!

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