Best Podcasts for Creative Entrepreneurs (by Women)

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list of best podcasts for creative female entrepreneurs by women

Remember when you were a kid hanging out with your parents or grandparents – and they would turn on the dreaded talk radio?

I hated it! So boring, right? Why couldn’t we just listen to music?

Oh, the irony! I get it now, guys. Nine times out of ten, I would rather listen to a person talk about a topic I’m interested in over listening to music.

Don’t get me wrong, because music is great.. but sometimes I get stuck listening to the same thing on repeat until I’m sick of it, and I feel grumpy when I have to find new music to like. Is that normal for almost 30 years old? Asking for a friend..

Anyway, podcasts are where. it’s. at. Some are entertaining, some educational, and some help us grow as individuals (my personal favorite). No matter what interests you, there’s probably a podcast for that.

And since creative entrepreneurship is one of my biggest interests, today I’m sharing 9 of my favorite podcasts for creative entrepreneurs. AND they’re all by women! #gogirls

All of these podcasts are releasing new episodes weekly, and they are chock-full of useful information for wanna-be online business owners, from advice on when to quit your job to how to set up an email funnel or create your first course.

1. Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher

Jenna Kutcher has got to be one of the most relatable human beings in the online business community. I love her tale of hating her corporate job, to buying a $300 camera on Craigslist, and then never looking back. She grew a six-figure wedding photography business and traveled all over the globe, and now she teaches creative entrepreneurs how to turn their passions into profits. I’ve admired her for a long time, and I mean it when I say she is one of the most down-to-earth genuine people you will find online.

New Podcast Episode Every: Monday & Wednesday

Available on: iTunes, Spotify, & all major podcast platforms

2. Online Marketing Made Easy by Amy Porterfield

When I first discovered Amy Porterfield’s podcast, I binged every episode I could. First of all – she has the best radio voice! But she also gives away so much great insight and so many actionable strategies that I sometimes can’t believe it’s free!

Amy is an ambitious go-getter. She worked for Tony Robbins before striking out on her own, so it’s safe to say she knows her stuff. She has tons of free resources to help you market your online business as a creative entrepreneur, and she also offers courses.

New Podcast Episode Every: Thursday

Available on: iTunes, Spotify, all major podcast platforms

3. Do It Scared by Ruth Soukup

It’s no secret I’m a fan of Ruth Soukup. I mentioned her in my post, Real (Honest) Results of a New Blogger. She is the creator of Elite Blog Academy, a course I’m enrolled in, and she has also authored several books. I even owned one of her books and didn’t “put it together” until after I purchased her blogging course!

Her podcast, Do It Scared, is the first thing I check on Monday mornings. She has some incredible guests, but the Get Ruthed episodes are my favorite. In Get Ruthed, bloggers just like me get a one-on-one coaching session with Ruth — super helpful insight if you’re trying to grow your blog/business!

New Podcast Episode Every: Monday

Available on: iTunes, Spotify, all major podcast platforms

4. Don’t Keep Your Day Job by Cathy Heller

I was sold on this podcast from the moment I read the title. I first heard Cathy Heller as a guest on the Creative Pep Talk podcast and was inspired by her story and her down-to-earth approach. She’s real and focused more on making an impact rather than just making profits. And that’s refreshing.

Cathy Heller paved the way for her own success as a singer/song-writer in Hollywood, and wants to help others find work that they are passionate about as well.

She just released her book: Don’t Keep Your Day Job: How to Turn Your Passion into Your Career

New Podcast Episode Every: Monday & Thursday

Available on: Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher & all major podcast platforms

5. Style Your Mind by Cara Alwill Leyba

Cara Alwill Leyba is well known for her successful blog The Champagne Diet, but her podcast is new to me!

I love the way Cara focuses on helping women with their mindset and understanding their own worth. Her podcast is very feminine-focused, which I appreciate. I listen to plenty of podcasts about business that are hosted by men, but in reality- business is different for women, and Cara does a good job of celebrating that!

She has also authored many books, including her newest: Girl on Fire.

New Episode Every: varies

Available on: Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher – all major apps

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6. Creative Biz Rebellion by Kelly Parker Smith & Caroline Hull

These biz besties felt that information was lacking for product-based businesses compared to what was available to service-based business, so they started the Creative Biz Rebellion podcast.

Kelly owns a stamp + stationery business called The Homebody Society, and Caroline focuses on modern hand-lettering, design, and producing podcasts. I love hearing about their personal experiences as they interact with their guests.

Their latest series, PR For Makers, can help you learn how to pitch yourself as a maker!

New Episode Every: Tuesday, varies

Available on: Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher

7. She Did It Her Way by Amanda Boleyn

To summarize, Amanda Boleyn wants to teach you how to leave your 9-to-5 and create your own service-based business with the skills you already have. – https://shediditherwaypodcast.com/

Her podcast covers a wide variety of topics for the creative entrepreneur from mindset to money, motivation, marketing, systems, and making the leap from your day job into working for yourself.

Amanda offers one-on-one coaching for clients and chats on the podcast with tons of successful female entrepreneurs.

New Podcast Episode Every: Monday

Available on: Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher

8. The Product Boss Podcast by Jacqueline Snyder & Minna Khounlo-Sithep

If you own a product-based business, Jacqueline and Minna are a gold mine of information. Where most of the other podcasts listed here are oriented more towards service-based business, this one is different.

Both of these ladies have impressive backgrounds in creative entrepreneurship: Jacqueline with a fashion-based consulting business and B.F.A. in Fashion Design, and Minna with degrees in both advertising and business- is an Amazon Seller expert and owner of Lil’ Labels. In other words.. their podcast isn’t their only business.

So much of entrepreneurship has to do with mindset and personal development, but when you need some tangible advice concerning physical products, inventory, and sales- give this a listen.

New Podcast Episode Every: Thursday

Available on: All major podcast platforms

9. The Marie Forleo Podcast by Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is a popular online entrepreneur who teaches her strategies to others in her course: B-School. She coined the term “Everything is Figureoutable” and just released a book by the same name.

What’s funny is I actually followed many of Marie’s successful B-School students before I ever found her (some of her students are on this list)! And that really speaks to the impact she is making in the lives of creative entrepreneurs.

On her website, she describes herself as an “unshakable optimist” — and who can’t use more optimism? Marie is full of business-savvy and good mindset advice. Also check out her weekly video show, MarieTV!

New Podcast Episode Every: Monday & Friday

Available on: All major podcast platforms

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9 Best podcasts for creative entrepreneurs (by women)

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