Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Bloggers 2019 (+ Black Friday Deals)

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Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Bloggers

Stressed about what to get your friends and family for Christmas this year? Let’s face it: it’s 2019, and we’re all online. Chances are, you know someone who uses the internet for actual business purposes – and not just to share cat memes.

If you know someone who has their own blog, business, or website, then the gifts in this blogger gift guide are going to surprise and delight them this holiday season. These presents are as unique as they are (ok- with the exception of the last one!)

This is the Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Bloggers in 2019.

Blogger Gift 1: Skillshare

Skillshare is an online learning community, and it’s at the top of my Christmas list this year. There are classes in tons of topics, all pertinent to creative entrepreneurs. Classes in Drawing, Lettering, Photography, Business, Design, Web Development & more.

According to the Skillshare Website, there are more than 24,000 classes available! If you or someone you know has a creative business or side-hustle, there is something here for them to advance their skill or trade.

You can purchase gift cards in the amount of a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription. This time of year, all plans clock in at less than $100.00

Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Holiday Deal: 20-47% OFF subscriptions

Get Skillshare HERE

Blogger Gift 2: Masterclass

Masterclass is where you go to learn from the stars. Gordon Ramsey teaches cooking, Annie Leibovitz teaches photography, and Margaret Atwood teaches creative writing. It’s Skillshare, but brand-name.

A class with Anna Wintour teaching creativity & leadership launched recently, and my sister reminds me daily that it is what she wants for Christmas this year.

Courses can be purchased for $90, or get a yearly all-access pass for $180.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Holiday Deal: Last year was Buy One All-Access Pass, Get One Free. *Crosses Fingers* for a repeat offer!

Get Masterclass Here

Blogger Gift 3: Adobe CC Subscription

Programs like Photoshop don’t come cheap, but they are invaluable for creative entrepreneurs and bloggers. Looking to level up your graphics, ebooks, and digital products? Adobe Creative Cloud is a must have.

There’s a ton of bootstrapping in entrepreneurship, and especially early on- the budget for a designer doesn’t always exist. Don’t let them use free internet software that makes their stuff look the same as everyone else’s. Get them Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.. they’ll learn new skills for their resumĂ©, and one day they’ll be thanking you.

Psst! You can point them to articles like this one for design tutorials.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Holiday Deal: Up to 40% off Subscriptions. That’s $29.99/mo for all Creative Cloud Programs, or $15.99/mo with the student discount, through Nov 29 (& I’m sure it will be continued..)

Get Adobe Creative Cloud Here

Blogger Gift 4: Apple Pencil or iPad

I’ll be honest – I find iPad more useful for watching Netflix than I do blogging or designing. In fact – in my most humble opinion- iPads are for babies.

But there is one thing I simply can’t live without when it comes to iPad: the Procreate App with Apple Pencil. If you know someone who’s trying to get into lettering or digital illustration, Procreate does it well. There are lots of features to play with, so many that this could be a great (and affordable) replacement for Photoshop/Illustrator. Lol, jk. Not for me, but maybe for some.

Black Friday – Cyber Monday – Holiday Deal: Watch this article for the best deals on iPad anywhere. If you’re not getting the base model for less than $299, you’re not doing it right.

Get them here: iPad | iPad Pro | Apple Pencil

Check out my Free Hand Lettering Guides. Download them into Procreate to use them digitally.

Blogger Gift 5: Digital Drawing Tablet

If the Apple iPad + Apple Pencil are out of your price range, a tablet is the next best option- and waaaay more affordable.

I use this one by Huion when I’m working in Photoshop and Illustrator on my Macbook. I’ve had it for over a year, and it’s never let me down so far. The stylus has a pressure sensitive tip – very important for digital lettering. And at $30, it’s a bargain!

Black Friday – Cyber Monday Deal: Keep a lookout on Amazon for great deals on Huion and Wacom tablets!

The Affordable Tablet I Love: Huion Inspiroy H640P or Wacom CTL4100

Blogger Gift 6: A Blogging Course

What does your favorite blogger want more than anything? A paid course to show them the ropes! There are blogging courses for virtually everything: how to build an email list, how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog, how to make money blogging & more.

A lot of bloggers latch onto one particular teacher, so do some digging to find out who the blogger in your life is idolizing. Then buy them a course from that person.

Black Friday – Cyber Monday Deal: A lot of courses only open up once per year for enrollment, but most successful bloggers are going to offer some sort of Black Friday Deal. If there’s a course or teacher you’ve been following for awhile – make sure you keep an eye on their feed or site.

I’ll be Looking for Courses of Offers From:

Check Out These Real Results from A Brand New Blogger

Blogger Gift 7: Art Print

It’s an ugly business making your blog or website look pretty. The back-end of WordPress isn’t exactly inspiring- and don’t even get me started on sorting through complicated code. An art print will spruce up your blogger’s space, or at least give them something to look at when they need a break from the screen. Check it out – I made some art you can gift for FREE!

Free Blogger "Just Keep Blogging" Art Print Download

I designed this special print just for bloggers. Download it from my Free Resource Library. If you don’t have the password yet, you can sign up with the form below and I’ll email it to you STAT! If you don’t see the email within a few minutes, check your Spam/Bulk folder.

Black Friday/Cyber Week Deals: Keep an eye on Minted, Society 6, & Etsy

Get My Favorite Prints from Etsy

Blogger Gift 9: Apps

Gifting an App is as good as gifting a blogging course or subscription- and even more practical. Most bloggers are using apps to plan or perfect their social media content already, so you know they’ll use it. Plus, no one really feels good about paying for Facetune. It hurts less when you foot the bill for them.

P.S. – Think Apps beyond just smart phones!

Black Friday – Cyber Monday Deal: If you don’t know which apps they want or use- get them an iTunes or Google Play gift card. You can usually buy bundle packs of gift cards for a discounted rate, especially around Christmas.

The Smart Phone Apps on my personal wish list:

Online Management Apps on my personal wish list:

Blogger Gift 10: 2020 Planner or Journal

With a world gone digital, sometimes you just need some good old fashioned pen & paper to sort things out. Plus – physically writing out your thoughts and to-do’s makes them sink in so much better. A Planner or Journal will help make sense of blogger’s scattered brains.

Black Friday – Cyber Monday – Holiday Deal: I would check out your favorite planners ahead of time on Amazon – then check them during Black Friday & Cyber Week in case of discounts. & Remember- not all planners are created equal. Here’s a Planner with a Unique & Helpful Format.

Or Check out the Most Popular Planners on Amazon

Blogger Gift 11: Personal Development Books

We should all read more, shouldn’t we? As Dr. Suess said, “the more you read, the more you know.” And while I love a good fiction novel, lately I’ve been wanting to know more about myself (and my human condition) by devouring personal development books.

I think this is a great gift for everyone on your list, but bloggers and entrepreneurs especially can reap the benefits of learning to be a better leader who makes a bigger impact.

Two books I’m loving right now:

Pro Tip: If your blogger/biz bestie is short on time — How about an audible subscription instead so they can “read” while they drive? Get the first 3 months for just $6.95 & keep an eye on Amazon for updated offers during the holiday season.

Blogger Gift 12: Blue Light Glasses

If you’ve noticed that the bloggers in your life have dark circles under their eyes, not to worry. They spend their days staring at a computer screen during their 9-to-5, and then they come home and stare at a screen while they work on their side hustle each evening until 2AM. So it’s no wonder their eyes are dry and tired and probably aging at 4x the speed of regular humans. Blue glasses might help, or they might just be a marketing scheme. Either way, I’m falling for it. And they make me feel smarter.

Pro Tip: This is one of those unsexy gifts (like a vacuum cleaner) that could go horribly wrong, so it’s best as a stocking stuffer.

Black Friday – Cyber Monday Deal: Check Amazon Here!

I own & love these blue light glasses in the leopard print.

Blogger Gift 13: Starbucks Gift Card

Last but certainly not least – the Starbucks gift card. It may be the most unoriginal gift on this list, but just remember that bloggers are tired. Plus, it makes a great complement to my previous gift suggestion- blue light glasses. They need lots of coffee to fuel. LOTS, I say. So don’t cheap out – get them at least $10, though $20 is better.

Black Friday – Cyber Monday Deal: You don’t need a deal. You’re going to be at Starbucks on Black Friday anyway – downing a venti coffee to fuel your shopping spree. Pick up some gift cards while you’re there.

So which gift are you going to get your blogger friends? Got any recommendations to add? Leave a comment & let me know!

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Ultimate Gift Guide for Bloggers Free Art Print

Happy Holidays!

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